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Church of Merikarvia
The second largest wooden church in Finland, built in 1899, serves as a road church with guide services and is open for visitors. Although the church has been built of logs, it still stands upright as new, thanks to the construction method, where the logs of the walls were set vertically. There are 979 metres of pews, thus the church seats 2,500 people. The address of the church is Kauppatie 56.

Fishing Museum Area
The fishing museum (Kalastusmuseo) displays the history of fishing and fish processing, fish cask manufacturing, and boat building. On the same property with the museum, there is a renovated fisherman’s cabin and a smoke sauna. The address of the fishing museum is Palosaarentie 58.

Museum of Local History and Culture
The museum of local history and culture (Kotiseutumuseo) was opened in a former office house of a glass factory. There are four theme exhibitions in the museum: a grocery, a sawmill worker’s room from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and descriptions of the local trades. In addition, there is an exhibition of school teacher Ines Tommila’s (1875 – 1959) life. The museum is next to the town hall in the address Kauppatie 42.

Fish Cask Factory Museum
The fish cask factory museum (Pyttymakasiini) depicts the significant history of the local manufacturing of wooden fish casks. The address of the museum is Antintie 6.

Author Matilda Roslin-Kalliola’s Home Museum
Matilda Roslin-Kalliola (1837–1923) was a widely-known and respected author in Finland. Her small house is one of the few preserved Finnish authors’ homes. The address of the home is Papintie 3.

Art Gallery Vanha Savu
Art Gallery Vanha Savu was opened in the renovated Dernjatin’s fish smokery. The gallery hosts concerts, workshops and various events throughout summer. The gallery’s address is Varvintie 5.

Lankoski is a popular recreation area by beautiful river rapids. In summer, tourists can pop in the old mill Kahvimylly. You can get to Kahvimylly from Köffi via an arch stone bridge built in 1887. Köffi is located by the side of highway E8, in the address Vaasantie 58.

Dugout House
The dugout house (Korsutupa) was built into Koskipuisto park, by the river Merikarvianjoki, in 1998. The house, partly built underground, conveys the plain war-time atmosphere. The dugout museum displays war-time equipment. The dugout house can be found at Antintie 23.

Sea Shore Stage
In Krookka marina, next to Restaurant Rantahuone, there is an amphi-theatre-like stage that is rented for organizing various occasions. In June and July, the stage is used, for instance, for summer theatre plays.

Preacher Anna Rogel’s Monument
Anna Rogel (b. Dec 4, 1751) was the most essential person in a religious movement created in Merikarvia in the 18th century. She suffered from weak helth since childhood. Her condition got worse, and there was no hope of recovery. At Christmas 1770, Rogel started suddenly to preach. She spoke for nearly four hours without stopping, and people from all over Satakunta province and even from across the Gulf of Bothnia came to listen to her. Anna Rogel’s monument is found nearby the address Kuninkaantie 5b.

Dry Stone Walls and Gnome Stones
Dry stone walls and gnome stones (guardian spirits of fields) are historical landmarks in Merikarvia. The gnome stones are believed to be sacred stones that were hoped to increase crops. The gnome stones are located by Trolssintie road that can be reached from Rantatie road. The dry stone walls are located in the village of Tuorila.

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