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River Merikarvianjoki
River Merikarvianjoki

River Merikarvianjoki

Merikarvianjoki is the first Finnish migratory fish river at the estuary of which there is a voluntarily established closed area from net fishing. The area stretches five kilometres to the open sea. This guarantees that fish can freely swim up the river.
Beautiful River Environment and Numerous Rapids

The river Merikarvianjoki has natural beauty and plenty of rapids. Excellent for fly and lure fishing, the river is 15–50 metres wide. The total height of drop of the rapids is roughly 30 metres. The total length of rapid shore suitable for fishing is 12 kilometres. Adding to this, there are long stretches of quiet waters. Due to the small number of lakes in the area, variations in discharge are relatively great, just as in Lappish rivers.

Spring and autumn flooding may impede fishing, but, on the other hand, they bring anadromous fish to the river. At times, the lack of water might seem disturbing, but rainbow trout, grayling and brown trout are caught well during that period. In spring and autumn, fishermen are after large anadromous fish, such as sea trout, salmon, and lavarets.
Fishing Round the Year, Seasons Vary
Several salmonoid species, varying discharge, and different times of year create interesting possibilities from fishermen’s perspective at the river Merikarvianjoki. You achieve the best results by planning ahead, at latest when you arrive at the river, what and how you are going to fish.
The sea trout (1 - 10kg) begins swimming up the river in April. At the end of July, it is time for the salmon and the sea trout to begin their autumn journey to the river. The salmon (1 - 15kg) bites best in September and October. After spawn, salmon and trout are caught in November and December and in April and May, one might catch spawners that have passed the winter in the river. The lavaret (1 – 5kg) swims up the river in great numbers in September and October. The grayling and the brown trout (0.3 - 1.5kg) are fairly common salmonoids that do not migrate to the sea. “A brown trout” is actually a sea trout which has grown in the river and hasn’t started migrating towards the sea. The rainbow trout (1 - 7kg), which is released back to the river, is the most common catch species. Restocking is done with small quantities, once a week in more than ten places, except in wintertime.
There are fishing licenses to Merikarvianjoki since four hours untill one year.

Adults (over 18 years old) Monday-Thursday:
15.6.-15.8. 13 €/4h, 17 €/day, 25 €/2 days.
1.4.-14.6. and 16.8.-31.10. 18 €/4h, 23 €/day, 34 €/2 days

under 18-years old fishermen
10€/ day, 15 €/2 days, 75 €/year

The weekends Friday-Sunday
15.6.-15.8. 16 €/4h, 20 €/day, 30 €/2 days
1.4.-14.6. and 16.8.-31.10. 22 €/4 h, 28 €/1 day, 40 €/2 days

1.11.-31.3. 15 €/1 day, 20€/2 days

The fishing licence for the family, max. 2+2 under 18 years
35 €/1 day, 60 €/2 days, 380 €/year

License for one year
It´s valid one year since a purchase date 230 €/year

License for the autumn period:
15.8.-31.12. 150 €/year
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